What is Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS)?

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What is aPaaS?

aPaaS stands for Application Platform-as-a-Service. It’s hosted in a visual environment that provides you with cloud-based rapid application development tools and application deployment. In general terms, an aPaaS platform delivers a secure, fully hosted environment for you to quickly and easily build database applications, develop application extensions, create web portals or deploy ready made customisable library applications.

  • Cloud-based rapid application development tools
  • Enables you to build and deploy business applications quickly
  • Hosted in a secure environment
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What are the benefits of aPaaS?

Rapid application development tools enable you to build business solutions quickly and easily. The flexibility that they bring means that applications built in a rapid development environment can be easily customised, reconfigured, built or extended to meet business needs, support growth and be tailored to a specific job role or requirement. Common benefits delivered from an aPaaS platform include:

  • Low-code rapid application development
  • Reduced development times and costs
  • Quick to deploy
  • Flexible and configurable to meet business needs and support expansion
  • Mobile ready
  • Improved employee performance and company productivity
  • Increased company revenue

What do you need to look for in an aPaaS Platform?

aPaaS platforms that follow Application Platform-as-a-Service best practice provide you with the infrastructure to build mobile ready, fully customisable and configurable business applications. The key principle is that you can build or adapt an application at any time through an intuitive interface that users can modify at ease. Common aPaaS platform capabilities to look out for include:

  • A Quick Wizard to walk you through the steps required to build your application
  • Easy to configure and reconfigure to scale your cloud-based applications up or down
  • Securely hosted with access for both authenticated and non-authenticated users
  • Built in data validation
  • Ability to assign user roles and permissions
  • Automated data backups
  • Ability to define and customise workflows e.g. trigger notifications, approvals etc.
  • Integration capability with a variety of databases, APIs and web services
  • Automated reporting and insights

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Applications Platform Brochure

Applications Platform Brochure

A flexible, easy-to-use rapid application development (RAD) platform for quickly and easily building database applications, developing application extensions, creating web portals or deploying ready-made library applications.

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