Rapid Application Development Tools: The Future Building Blocks for Businesses

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What is rapid application development used for?

Rapid application development is used for development teams to build custom business applications that can extend an existing business system or act as a stand-alone business application. Due to its flexibility and customisation capabilities it helps organisations to relieve the pressure to work around limitations that may be found in an off-the-shelf system and safeguards against fast changing business strategy and trading environments.

Rapid application development simplifies delivery and deployment whilst accelerating time-to-market whilst providing the ability to scale up or down as business requirements and budgets dictate.

Rapid Application Development Tools (RAD) are set to shake up the way businesses think about purchasing business software. The option to be able to rapidly build an application that fits 100% of requirements, as well as the ability to easily modify and adapt it equally as quick, is a refreshing and attractive alternative to the traditional procurement of business systems.

All organisations operate differently. These differences can be due to unique processes, working locations, legal requirements or the commercial make-up of the organisations. Therefore, these organisations often require business systems that are 100% unique to their business processes.

Even the smallest businesses are now making transactions 24/7 and, as a result, they are looking for systems that are cloud-based and readily accessible. The growth in remote working has also stimulated organisations to look hard at the nature and capabilities of systems and the views individuals have access to. 

Business circumstances change. New product lines or services are made available and/or company acquisitions and new markets require processes to change or be modified to trade successfully. As a result, organisations are looking for applications that can be rapidly adapted and rolled out to users.

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What are Rapid Application Development Tools?

Rapid Application Development tools provide you with the ability to develop applications, application extensions and web portals quickly and incrementally via a user-friendly point and click interface. Its approach to software development places less emphasis on planning and more on actual development. A typical scenario for a rapid web application development will be to initially gather user requirements using workshops or focus groups, followed by prototyping and early user testing.

Users of the application are given the ability to configure, reconfigure and adapt solutions to exact requirements during and after its development. This method enables the developers to take advantage of the knowledge gained over the life of the project and use this experience to constantly re-evaluate and reinvent the application. Existing software components can also be used for different projects to speed up the process and can result in more projects being completed on time and within budget.

What are some RAD examples?

RAD software provides developers with a cloud-based environment to build custom business applications, helping them to deliver projects quickly and efficiently whilst not having to work-around off-the-shelf applications. Common business applications built with RAD software include:

  • Customer / Supplier web portals
  • CRM applications
  • Purchase order and invoice applications
  • Service management apps
  • Asset management solutions
  • Expense management solutions
  • HR solutions
  • Time management apps

What are the benefits of Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development allows organisations to build 100% fit business applications that can be quickly and easily modified or rolled back if required. RAD software reduces development times and costs and allows businesses to go to market faster. Additional benefits of RAD software include:

  1. The organisation benefits from a 100%-fit application.
  2. Intended users can easily give input and feedback into the application throughout its development cycle because of the speed prototypes can be rolled out and used.
  3. Applications can be enhanced or modified rapidly and rolled back if required.
  4. Organisations can get further ROI from their existing applications.
  5. A RAD approach can focus in early on the key risk factors and adjust to them based on evidence collected in the early part of the project.
  6. Significant barriers are removed from internationalisation.
  7. Initial capital expenditure is often incredibly low.
  8. Non company employees can be provided, via portals, with access to information without incurring repetitive administration.

To learn more about Rapid Application Development, the key features RAD Tools should have and typical scenarios that can be addressed by RAD, download the brochure below and/or give us a call +44 (0)330 99 88 70.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Application Development Tools FAQ

Rapid Application Development Tools FAQ

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