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Introduction to BPA Platform

Integration and automation just got easier

BPA Platform Explained

BPA Platform 2020 data sheet


Learn about the commercial and technical benefits of BPA Platform

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BPA Platform Brochure

Platform Brochure

Learn everything you need to know about BPA Platform

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iPaaS: Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premises

BPA Platform supports the central creation and management of an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It is designed specifically for channel partners and enterprise customers who wish to provide integration and automation as a service to internal and external customers.

  • Supports cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments
  • Compatible with both AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Robust data security
  • Centrally managed by you and your team
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Our 8 week rapid partner onboarding programme

With 20 years of working with channel partners, we can onboard your business and deploy your first customer site in less than 8 weeks.

Step 1

Sign Partner Agreement

You sign Codeless Platforms’ partnership agreement. Your “Light” business plan is also created.

Step 2

Purchase Licence

Your first customer places a licence order with you for BPA PLatform.

Step 3

Customer Scoping

Your first customer places a professional services order with you not Codeless Platforms.

Step 4

Guaranteeing Success

You place a request (if required) for first deployment shadowing services from Codeless Platforms.

Step 5

Technical Training

You send a technical consultant(s) to Codeless Platforms free product training course before scoping.

Step 6

Buddying up

Codeless Platforms assigns a consultant to your consultant(s) trained.

Step 7

VIP Support

Codeless Platforms provides VIP support for the first 3 months.

Step 8

Business Plan

You and your Codeless Platforms account manager devise a 12 month business plan.

Step 9

Additional Training

You send additional consultants and support team colleagues to the relevant training courses when required.

Step 10

Case Study

Codeless Platforms produces your first customer case study.

Step 11

Execute Business Plan

You work with Codeless Platforms to accelerate new, recurring revenues for your business.


Just a few of our SYSPRO partners

As a 100% partner-centric company, we generate both license and professional services revenue for our partners.

Phoenix Systems



BPA Platform Connections

Integration and automation solutions for a wide range of software, exploiting their APIs to deliver seamless connectivity and data management via a simple, drag and drop interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Notifications & Alerts

(Email or SMS)

e.g. Stock alerts, debtor notifications, large order alerts.

Report & Document Automation

e.g. Sales reports, credit control statements, delivery notes.

Data Integration & Synchronisation

e.g. ERP to CRM Integration, eShop to ERP integration, marketing automation to CRM integration, SaaS to on-premises application.


e.g. PO authorisation, discount authorisation, credit limit authorisations.

We’ve made our pricing simple and fair by linking it to the functionality and use of the BPA Platform. You simply buy the base server and then add the connectors you need.
Depending on what you want to achieve, most processes you define are achieved in a 100% ‘code-free’ experience. However, scripting can be called upon where standard functionality is unable to achieve a given solution. You automate an employee process by dragging and dropping icons onto a canvas and linking them together in a process flow. The correlation of these tools replicate the physical employee process to your exact business rules.
The short answer is practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services, or an extensive range of supported 3rd party APIs through connectors. Just a few of the software vendors we work with include SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Infor, Epicor, Sugar, Salesforce, Magento and MailChimp. The list is endless and includes many industry specific solutions as well.
The BPA platform has a number security and permission capabilities including BPA Platform authentication or Windows authentication. The platform even provides granular levels of security, e.g. individual tools can be locked down to certain users.
Codeless Platforms and its channel partners often create packs of automated processes that address common shortfalls in primary systems.

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