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Salesforce SYSPRO Integration

Salesforce SYSPRO Integration
salesforce syspro integration

Salesforce SYSPRO Integration Solution Overview

Codeless Platforms’ Salesforce SYSPRO integration solution provides Salesforce and SYSPRO users and partners with a pack of preconfigured tasks that automates the synchronisation of customers and accounts, opportunities and sales orders.

The Salesforce SYSPRO integration solution reduces repetitive manual administration tasks from employee workloads, removes data entry errors, increases employee productivity and improves company performance.

Demonstration: SYSPRO Customers and Contacts to Salesforce Accounts and Contacts

Salesforce SYSPRO Integration Modules and Benefits

Default modules and functionality in the SYSPRO Salesforce integration solution include:

  • New and Existing Accounts and Business Partners: Automatically synchronise accounts between Salesforce SYSPRO, including account name, SYSPRO customer number, default billing/shipping address, contact information etc.
  • Contacts: Automatically update new and existing contacts between Salesforce and SYSPRO with the associated business partner or customer account, including name, owner (if applicable), telephone, email, account name etc.
  • Opportunities: Download opportunities from Salesforce and upload as sales orders to SYSPRO
  • Sales Orders: Automatically synchronise sales orders from SYSPRO with Salesforce, including order number, date, value, account, owner (if applicable), product, unit price, quantity, subtotal etc.

Demonstration: Salesforce Opportunities to SYSPRO Sales Orders

Commercial benefits of Salesforce SYSPRO integration:

  • Remove repetitive, bi-directional data entry
  • Increase the visibility of critical information across employees and departments
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy
  • Quickly and easily facilitate two-way integration
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase ability to drive company revenue
SYSPRO & Salesforce Integration Solution

SYSPRO & Salesforce Integration Solution

Codeless Platforms’ SYSPRO & Salesforce Integration Solution provides you with a pack of preconfigured tasks to quickly integrate SYSPRO with Salesforce and automate essential business processes.

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