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Expensify SYSPRO Integration

Expensify SYSPRO Integration
Expensify SYSPRO integration

Expensify SYSPRO Integration Overview

Codeless Platforms’ Expensify SYSPRO integration connector provides you with automated expense processes out of the box, enabling you to improve the employee expenses workflow by removing repetitive data entry and human errors.

The Expensify SYSPRO integration template automatically creates expense reports and journal entries in SYSPRO when an expenses workflow has been completed in the Expensify expense management software. This enables workflow to be automatically extended from Expensify into SYSPRO whereupon expense invoices, reports and journal entries can be completed.

Expensify SYSPRO Connector Features, Functionality and Benefits

Codeless Platforms’ Expensify Connector for SYSPRO automates the creation of expense invoices in SYSPRO so that you can streamline expenses workflow processes.

Default automated processes in the Expensify SYSPRO integration solution include:

  • Approve expense reports in Expensify and see these entered into SYSPRO as GL journal entries within minutes; one journal entry per expense report
  • One journal detail for each expense on the report, each debiting the amount to be reimbursed from the appropriate GL account, as determined by the configuration of Expensify and of the BPA Platform integration
  • Expense reports and attached receipts downloaded as PDF documents and saved to your server
  • One additional journal detail (without GL analysis) crediting the balance of the report to a clearing account, for subsequent payment (payment not automated by BPA Platform)
  • GL analysis entered for each journal detail, based on the ‘tags’ assigned to each expense by the Expensify user, as determined by the configuration of Expensify and of the BPA Platform integration
  • Optionally automate posting of journal entry to permanent ledger after data entry
  • Set ‘Reimbursed’ flag visible to the Expensify user on their expense report after their approved claim has been entered into SYSPRO, for peace of mind
  • Extensible solution template; easy to add custom report fields from Expensify as additional field mappings to SYSPRO; many other customisations and extensions possible

Benefits of Expensify SYSPRO Integration

Common commercial benefits that you can achieve through Expensify SYSPRO integration include:

  • Remove repetitive data entry and human errors
  • Increase visibility into company expenditure
  • Streamline employee expense workflows
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve efficiency and profits
Expensify & SYSPRO Integration Solution

Expensify & SYSPRO Integration Solution

Codeless Platforms’ Expensify SYSPRO integration solution provides you with a pack of preconfigured tasks to automatically transfer expenses from Expensify to SYSPRO and improve the management of employee expenses workflow.

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