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SYSPRO SugarCRM Integration

SYSPRO SugarCRM Integration
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SYSPRO SugarCRM Integration Solution Overview

Codeless Platforms’ SugarCRM SYSPRO integration solution provides SugarCRM and SYSPRO users and partners with templated tasks to automate the synchronisation of customer and supplier accounts, opportunities, product lines and sales orders.

The SugarCRM and SYSPRO integration solution reduces repetitive manual administration tasks from employee workloads, helping to remove data entry errors, increase employee productivity and drive company performance.

SugarCRM SYSPRO Integration Modules and Benefits

Default modules and functionality in the SYSPRO SugarCRM integration solution include:

Processing Quotes

  • Automatically Creating Sales Orders Template:
  • When an Opportunity is created in SugarCRM, a Quote is then created and sent to the Customer.

    If the quote is accepted the Opportunity is set to "Won" in SugarCRM. BPA Platform picks this up and creates a Sales Order in SYSPRO, which then progresses through statuses in SYSPRO.

  • Automatically Updating SugarCRM with Invoices
  • Once the Sales Order status is complete, SYSPRO creates and posts an Accounts Receivable (AR) Invoice. BPA Platform then automatically updates the Opportunity in SugarCRM by changing the Quote Lines to Purchased Line Items.

    If the Sales Order is cancelled then BPA Platform updates the Opportunity in SugarCRM to cancelled.

Synchronising Master Items Template

  • Automatically Creating Customer or Supplier Accounts:
  • When a Customer or Supplier account is created in SugarCRM, if the 'Sync to SYSPRO' flag is set, BPA Platform automatically creates the account in SYSPRO and uploads the Customer’s or Supplier’s shipping and billing information.

    Once the account is created, BPA Platform updates the Customer or Supplier field in SugarCRM with SYSPRO’s Customer or Supplier ID.

    If a Customer or Supplier is initially created in SYSPRO, then BPA Platform will create the relevant account type in SugarCRM and automatically assign a Customer ID or Supplier ID from SYSPRO.

  • Automating Product Synchronisation:
  • When an Item is created or updated in SYSPRO, BPA Platform automatically creates or updates the Product Catalog in SugarCRM.

*Additional requirements can be catered for outside of these standard templated tasks, but are subject to additional cost and scoping.

Commercial benefits of SugarCRM Integration with SYSPRO:

  • Remove repetitive, bi-directional data entry
  • Increase the visibility of critical information across employees and departments
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy
  • Quickly and easily facilitate two-way integration
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase ability to drive company revenue
SYSPRO & SugarCRM Templated Integration

SYSPRO & SugarCRM Templated Integration

Codeless Platforms’ SYSPRO SugarCRM templated integration solution provides you with a pack of preconfigured tasks to automate the synchronisation of customer and supplier accounts, opportunities, product lines and sales orders.

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