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SYSPRO WooCommerce Integration

SYSPRO WooCommerce Integration
SYSPRO WooCommerce integration

SYSPRO WooCommerce Integration Solution Overview

Codeless Platforms’ SYSPRO WooCommerce integration solution provides you with a pack of templated tasks to automate essential business processes, including the downloading and uploading of orders, customer details, stock and pricing between your WooCommerce store and SYSPRO.

Integrating WooCommerce and SYSPRO with BPA Platform removes the hidden costs that surround everyday eCommerce processes by eradicating repetitive employee data entry and associated administration errors.

SYSPRO WooCommerce BPA Solution Modules and Benefits

This easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution simplifies integration between SYSPRO and WooCommerce to provide you with the ability to quickly and easily synchronise essential order and stock information between the two systems.

Default automated processes in the WooCommerce SYSPRO solution include:

  • Automatically creating and updating new, existing and guest accounts in SYSPRO
  • Automated sales order processing from WooCommerce to SYSPRO
  • Automatically uploading SYSPRO sales order statuses to WooCommerce
  • Automated creation of incoming AR (accounts receivable) invoices and payments
  • Automatically updating inventory from SYSPRO to WooCommerce
  • Automated upload of price changes made in SYSPRO to WooCommerce
  • Automated product updates, e.g. product SKU, product description, tax class, weight, retail price, stock quantity
  • Automatically checking for errors and sending an internal alert if a sales process fails
  • Additional Services and Integrations*: Courier integration, PO invoice automation, automated pick list creation, dispatch note creation, shipping notifications

*Not included in this standard pack. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of SYSPRO WooCommerce Integration

Common commercial benefits that you can achieve through SYSPRO WooCommerce integration include:

  • Removal of repetitive data entry and associated administration errors
  • Streamlined WooCommerce order management processes
  • Reduced order to dispatch times
  • Increased visibility of inventory levels
  • Improved productivity and reduced operational costs
SYSPRO & WooCommerce Templated Integration

SYSPRO & WooCommerce Templated Integration

Codeless Platforms’ SYSPRO & WooCommerce BPA Solution provides you with a pack of preconfigured tasks to quickly integrate SYSPRO with WooCommerce and automate essential eCommerce processes.

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