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SYSPRO ERP for Manufacturers Gets Major Upgrade

SYSPRO ERP latest release includes improved analytics, financial reporting, pricing management and stock level controls

SYSPRO has just released the latest version of its industry-built ERP for manufacturers and distributors. New capabilities include enriched functionality for improved internal and organisational controls, a connected supply chain, deeper business intelligence and digital dexterity.

Aiming to improve information and intelligence, SYSPRO has introduced Embedded Analytics, which integrates intelligence and data capabilities directly within the ERP system to provide heightened visibility of operational activity across an organisation. This will enable SYSPRO users to easily create, customise, and deploy dashboards and visualisations anywhere in SYSPRO, providing real-time, accurate, and relevant data from all aspects of the business.

SYSPRO’s new Dimension Analysis feature extends the product’s financial reporting capability, offering a multi-dimensional, detailed view of an organisation’s financial data, as well as allowing users to dissect and scrutinise that data according to requirements with minimal effort. With Dimension Analysis, users can easily categorise financial transactions to provide business context for deeper analysis and decision making.

Another feature added to the SYSPRO ERP system is the Sales Price Hierarchy solution. This extends the price lists and price groups capability, enabling agility in determining price structure, prioritisation, and ease of preparing prices in advance of promotions, seasonal fluctuations or cost changes. The result is improved optimisation of the sales and distribution channel, as well as aftermarket support for sales.

The Kanban Automated Replenishment feature allows SYSPRO ERP customers to manage bin replenishment on a pull system, resulting in increased productivity, reduced manual administration, and improvement of continuous stock levels.

“The recent economic volatility has tested the resiliency of manufacturers and distributors and their ability to meet the demand of customers or connect with global supply chains. There is a growing need for visibility and organisational efficiency, which requires businesses to shift away from manual systems and instead leverage meaningful data intelligence,” said Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO. “The capabilities of the latest release of SYSPRO ERP Software enables our customers to improve overall control of their business’s value chain.”

To ensure that SYSPRO has all the data needed to fully exploit all of these new features, businesses need to guarantee that all their business systems and data sources are integrated with the ERP system.

Codeless Platforms’ SYSPRO ERP integration connector facilitates this by providing drag and drop integration and business process automation tools to quickly and easily simplify database integration development tasks. It enables organisations to automate the management of data, such as retrieving information from a company or executing an operation to automatically ADD, UPDATE, or DELETE items, such as invoices, sales orders or business partners.

For more information on how BPA Platform can integrate SYSPRO with other applications and business systems, download the brochure below or call us on +44(0) 330 99 88 700.

SYSPRO Integration Brochure

SYSPRO Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating SYSPRO ERP software with your other on-premises and cloud-based business systems improves employee performance and drives company revenue.

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