Think Tribe uses BPA Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 eCommerce Integration Projects

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Think Tribe increases revenues and opportunities by adding BPA Platform to its product offerings

Codeless Platforms and Think Tribe, an ERP and CRM software expert based in Dubai, UAE, signed a partnership agreement in 2019, making it the first partner in the Middle East to offer BPA Platform and Applications Platform in the region.

Think Tribe has now been using BPA Platform for over a year and has completed a number of projects, the majority of which have been centred on integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and eCommerce platforms.

“We are finding the product very easy to use. We’ve completed a few projects with Magento and we are currently working on a WooCommerce integration project; along with 3PL integrations and automations. The relationship with Codeless Platforms is also very good. We are really happy that we did this,” explained Zia Manna, Director, Think Tribe Technologies.

“From a technology perspective, the way that BPA Platform is built makes it simple enough for people like us to actually work around, create things and make changes. We can replicate some of the tasks built for customers and use them in different projects.”

“It’s a very dynamic world these days; nothing is stagnant. Everything changes quickly and BPA Platform gives us that flexibility. We can actually make changes without having to redo a lot of stuff. I think that’s where it scores over a lot of other products that try to do the same thing.”

Having mastered BPA Platform and fully understanding its capabilities, Think Tribe is now in a very commanding position in the Middle East, enabling it to pursue new opportunities and making it stand apart from its competition.

“It has opened up an area where we used to say no to customers a lot in terms of the complexities of third-party applications; especially as we are very focused on delivery. Now, due to our comfort level with BPA Platform, we’ve been able to address a lot of the requirements. We also have more control over everything, whereas previously we were more dependent on third parties,” enthused Manna.

“This year we have been very focused on what we know – Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, now that we are more comfortable with BPA Platform, we’re exploring different avenues. We are now talking to customers who are using other products, such as Oracle and JD Edwards, as we can offer value addition to them. It opens up a whole plethora of market share to us in terms of penetrating into that zone where we couldn’t earlier. They can also see and visit projects that we have completed with BPA Platform. So that really excites us.”

“This obviously provides us with a number of commercial benefits, most notably increasing revenue. It also puts us on a more competitive standing against our competition in our region. If you compare us with the other partners, in terms of similar offerings, there’s nobody else who does it.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration Brochure

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration Brochure

Learn how drag and drop Dynamics 365 integration enables you to quickly and easily synchronise data from Dynamics 365 BC on-premises or private cloud with another business system, application or web service.

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