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Real Time Reporting and Increasing Financial Visibility

As a designer and manufacturer of machinery and components, the visibility of information and the custodianship of cost centres are of the utmost importance to Nylacast. Subsequently, it required a solution that would increase the financial visibility of international transactions, automate the construction and delivery of real-time management reports and monitor and enforce company health and safety procedures.

Primary Applications Used: XKO software

The Challenge

  • Remove employee administrative tasks
  • Save time and money
  • Automate invoice and report processes
  • Extract, format and distribute information in real time

To read how Nylacast overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“At Nylacast we use a very powerful ERP application by XKO Software, but with the rapid growth of our business, employees were finding that they required more automated information based on exceptions.”

Richard Hopfl, ERP coordinator, Nylacast

Case Study: Nylacast

Case Study: Nylacast

Discover the benefits Nylacast achieved by automating numerous reporting and workflow processes to improve visibility and increase efficiency With Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform.

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