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Case Study


Legal and professional services business improves insight into data and forecasting by automating legal reports

Knights was looking to introduce a case practice management system so that lawyers were capable of doing more for themselves. In its search for a solution, its partner demonstrated Partner for Windows (P4W) and recommended BPA Platform to enhance the offering and functionality of the core product and by automating legal reports. BPA Platform works diligently in the background for Knights, ensuring employees are kept up to date. From a management team perspective, a group of approximately 25 people benefit from top level reports, while colleagues that have team leader responsibility also benefitting from reporting. Furthermore, more than 1,000 lawyers are now equipped with information on a daily basis as a result of BPA Platform.

Primary Applications Used: Partner for Windows (P4W)

The Challenge

  • Implement case practice management system
  • Introduce automation to deliver key information to staff
  • Support lawyers in developing relationships with clients

To read how Knights overcame its challenges, please download the case study.

There’s a substantial amount of automation through reports and locking of matters, so from a compliance perspective we’d also need a much larger team to handle that side of things if we didn’t have the automation that BPA Platform provides. We’ve found BPA Platform to be worth the investment, beyond our initial uses. As we start to get to know the product we think, maybe we can use it for other tasks and processes.

Nigel Johnson, IT Director, Knights

Case Study: Knights

Case Study: Knights

Knights, a legal and professional services business, improves insight into data and forecasting by automating legal reports.

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