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Marketo CRM Integration: Syncing Marketo Customer and Prospect Data with CRM Systems

The all in one marketing software from Marketo offers businesses a single platform for marketing automation, social, email, mobile, digital ads, analytics and more. However, it still needs people to manually rekey contact, lead and customer data between business systems. This takes time, is error prone and can be costly.

Marketo CRM Integration: Syncing Customer and Prospect Data

Many organisations will update customer and prospect information in CRM systems. Obviously, a marketing team that is using Marketo will want to have updates reflected back in Marketo so they have the most accurate system of record to use in their marketing campaigns. Similarly, any leads generated within Marketo need to be shared with the CRM system.

Automating Lead Activity Updates

When a business lead visits a page on the website, attends a tradeshow or downloads a whitepaper, the action can be captured within Marketo to help the marketing team understand the activities performed. However, this information may be highly important to the sales team or account manager and, therefore, a system needs to be in place to automatically notify them as well as be able to update the CRM system.

Automatically Synchronise Unsubscribe Data

It is a legal requirement for organisations to process email campaign unsubscribes and both Marketo and CRM systems have this feature built in. Yet many companies run both Marketo and a CRM solution in tandem which results in users manually synchronising unsubscribe data. This is time consuming, error prone and costly.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can address all of these issues through Marketo CRM integration software and automating the flow of data between them. By integrating Marketo with CRM software you remove the need to manually rekey customer, prospect and lead data between business applications, improve data accuracy and drive commercial performance.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform and its Marketo CRM integration capabilities enable organisations using Marketo to:

  • Transfer click through email campaign statistics
  • Synchronise prospect contact data
  • Synchronise customer contact data
  • Synchronise Marketo email unsubscribes with CRM software

The business benefits of integrating Marketo with CRM software include:

  • Removal of time consuming bi-directional data entry
  • Eradication of the risk of sending inappropriate communications to contacts whose statuses have changed in one system but not other software
  • Improvement in employee productivity

If you want to find out more about Marketo CRM integration or have any questions about what business process automation and application integration can do for your business download the brochure below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Marketo Integration Brochure

Marketo Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Marketo with your CRM systems can improve marketing capabilities and employee productivity.

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