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16 Ways to Improve your Purchasing Process

Codeless Platforms’ business process automation solutions have been used globally by companies of all sizes to streamline and improve purchasing processes.

Our platforms have been specifically designed to work the way your business works, to provide you with a 100% fit every time. We have compiled sixteen of the top most popular ways that our customers have used our solutions to improve their purchasing process.

Improving the Purchasing Process

  • Stock level warnings – too high, too low
  • Procurement software integration with other systems and applications e.g. ERP, EDI, eCommerce, WMS etc.
  • Short shelf life stock warnings
  • Warnings of upcoming manufacturing requirements
  • Details of new sales or projects won
  • Purchase order workflow approval with support for complex authorisation hierarchies driven automatically by nature and value of goods being purchased
  • Chasing suppliers asking them to confirm POs have been received
  • Chasing suppliers for confirmation that goods will be delivered on time
  • Warning when an item is receipted into stock with margin that is too low or has been receipted at a buy price that is different to the expected cost price
  • Seasonal stock warnings
  • Procurement bidding software
  • Spot documents not properly completed e.g. POs with no duty rate
  • Alerts showing goods due in that have not turned up on time
  • Automated price change notifications to sales team whenever a price is altered
  • Order confirmations sent automatically to suppliers
  • Identify unusual trends in product use or sales

Mapping a Purchasing Process Flow

Business process mapping is an ideal way for an organisation to understand its business processes. It enables a business to visually see its actual process and can help to identify areas of the business that need further investment, modification or automation.

Purchasing plays an important role within an organisation and is the transactional phase of the procurement process. A purchasing process flow will vary from business to business and mapping out your exact purchasing process flow will help improve company performance and streamline day to day activities.

Additional information on outlining your purchasing process flow read this article: Procurement Process Flow – A guide to procurement in business.

This is a just a small selection of ways that our customers use our solutions to improve the purchasing process. For more information on how to streamline your purchasing process, download the workbook below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Procurement Process Flow Workbook

Procurement Process Flow Workbook

Learn how to plan your procurement process flow and ensure that your procurement processes are mapped to your exact business rules and requirements.

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