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ProcuraPro - procurement bidding software

ProcuraPro - Procurement Bidding Software Overview

ProcuraPro procurement bidding software enables you to create competitive, time-restricted bidding events for suppliers that meet your exact criteria such as price, quality, quantity, delivery times, or any other factor that’s important to your procurement process.

If the reputation and operational costs of your company are influenced by the performance of your supplier, then ProcuraPro is designed for you.

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Achieve more with ProcuraPro Procurement Bidding Software

ProcuraPro allows suppliers to log into your supplier portal, review request for proposals (RFPs) and place a bid for your contract. You can choose whether or not to publicly disclose which suppliers have a bid and the value they have submitted. The preferred supplier can then be selected within the system and processed all from one simple-to-use environment.

Standard features of ProcuraPro include:

  • Initiate requests for proposals (RFPs) – text, images and documents can be attached
  • Invite suppliers by automatically generating and sending emails
  • Select qualified proposals and invite selected suppliers for the negotiation stage
  • Internally approve and then inform the winning supplier(s) via email
  • Receive email updates about suppliers’ activity on their proposals
  • Suppliers can place proposals (price, information etc.) in response to a received RFP
  • Allow suppliers to view their price proposal and compare it with the prices from other proposals
  • Suppliers can update their own price proposals in response to competition price updates
  • ProcuraPro integration: Option to integrate this powerful supplier bidding application with your accounting, ERP, CRM, EDI or WMS systems via BPA Platform

Benefits of using ProcuraPro

  • Reduce supplier costs, optimise delivery times, increase product quality and consistency
  • Centralise the management of suppliers
  • Easily analyse and compare all bids
  • Record all communication with current and prospective suppliers
  • Radically reduce the opportunity for fraudulent activity
  • Expand your supply chain
  • Streamline the procurement cycle
  • Enforce company procedures, industry standards or legal requirements
ProcuraPro data sheet

ProcuraPro data sheet

ProcuraPro is a procurement bidding application that enables you to create competitive, time-restricted bidding events for suppliers that meet your exact criteria.

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