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AprroverPro - Approval Workflow Engine

ApproverPro Approval Workflow Engine Overview

ApproverPro equips you with an affordable, automated approval workflow engine that is rapid to deploy and compatible with any business system or device. Whether your approval process involves a simple authorisation document or a multistage workflow process, ApproverPro enables you to start small but scale quickly.

ApproverPro can be easily integrated with any application or business system (accounting, CRM, ERP, warehouse management), enabling you to automate approval workflow processes within your organisation.

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ApproverPro Approval Workflow Engine Modules and Benefits

ApproverPro is a cost-effective approval workflow management system which helps you speed up approval processes, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Featured modules of ApproverPro include:

  • Create single level or multi-level authorisation workflows:
    • Purchase order (PO), sales order and invoice authorisations
    • Holiday and expenses approvals
    • Discount or price change authorisations
    • Credit note authorisations
    • Credit limit reviews
    • Timesheet reviews
    • Account creation and reallocation approvals
    • Service quote approvals
    • Commission sign off
    • Review processes
  • Assign user roles and permissions in a secure environment
  • Set up approval rules and automate processes
  • Define and customise workflow processes, statuses and actions e.g. trigger notifications, approval authorisations
  • Generate and distribute reports
  • Automate backups
  • Ability to implement workflow and business logic
  • Option to integrate app with your existing ERP system e.g. synchronise purchase orders created in an ERP system to the app and vice versa

ApproverPro Benefits

  • Achieve complete visibility of documents and requests created, approved and declined
  • Speed up approval processes through automation
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve 100% accurate audit trail
  • Access the application on desktop, tablet or mobile devices
  • Improved decision making
  • Flexible application that can be customised to your needs as and when required
ApproverPro data sheet

ApproverPro data sheet

ApproverPro is a cost-effective, secure, mobile-ready approval workflow app to quickly and easily create single level or multi-level authorisation workflows.

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