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Extending the Capabilities of Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an affordable, simple-to-use, yet feature-packed customer relationship management (CRM) SaaS product that enables small businesses to manage the full sales and marketing mix in one platform. In addition to next-gen ‘traditional’ CRM tools such as 360-degree contact management and lead scoring, Agile offers robust marketing automation, web engagement, payments and reports.

Agile CRM API Integration

Agile CRM offers a wide-range of plug-ins that provide the ability to integrate seamlessly with leading third-party service providers, websites and apps. However, it doesn’t cater for every business application or system available.

If the application or back office system you are using isn’t currently available within Agile CRM’s plug-in library then Codeless Platforms’ Agile CRM Connector can be deployed to integrate it to enable the sharing of essential customer and sales data.

Synchronising Customer Data

Sharing customer data between systems is essential for businesses to have a 360 degree view of business as well as the ability to realise substantial benefits around time to market, improved cash flow and agility. However, CRM systems, such as Agile CRM, often lack some integration capabilities required to share and use the data to best advantage.

Codeless Platforms’ Agile CRM API Connector can integrate Agile CRM with accounting, courier, eCommerce or ERP systems to synchronise customer data in real-time, thus eliminating manual processing and making sure that each system has the most current correct data.

Email Marketing

Agile CRM includes a wide range of sales and marketing features to help drive business campaigns and strategies, including email campaigns. However, many businesses like to use a more dedicated email marketing application such as MailChimp or dotmailer to manage their campaigns.

Where Agile CRM doesn’t provide a plug-in for a number of email marketing applications, Codeless Platforms’ Agile CRM API Connector can be used to fill this gap and provide the integration capabilities required to get the best out of all the applications being used.

Extending Agile CRM Workflow

Agile CRM provides powerful ‘in application’ workflow processes, but how can a CRM user influence a decision if the workflow starts outside of it?

Codeless Platforms’ multi system, bi-directional workflow capabilities enables companies using Agile CRM to quickly create workflows that start or end outside of it. It ensures users have the ability to contribute to decisions if a workflow starts outside of Agile CRM. For example, an account placed on hold in an ERP solution is sent to a CRM user for review.

If you want to find out more about Agile CRM API integration or have any questions about what business process automation and application integration can do for your business call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Agile CRM with your other business applications can drive company revenues and improve employee performance.

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