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Enhancing the Power of Elastic Email via CRM Integration

Elastic Email is a powerful email platform that can help improve email marketing campaigns by easily creating newsletters and sending email more efficiently. However, it still needs people to create or update marketing lists, process unsubscribes in a CRM system and manually create and send campaign reports for analysis. This takes time, is error prone and is an unnecessary employee cost. By integrating Elastic Email with your CRM system it is possible to remove the costly administration from email marketing.

Synchronising marketing lists and unsubscribes

Contact lists are a vital component of marketing campaigns and therefore need to be managed and updated on a regular basis. If your business uses a CRM system to collate and manage these contact lists then updating these manually in Elastic Email will be a costly, employee intensive process.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can automatically synchronise your marketing lists between Elastic Email and your CRM system by a scheduled or database event. It will also write back all your campaign unsubscribes and hard bounces to your CRM system that have been encountered by Elastic Email.

Full email marketing automation to business rules

From time to time you might need to run ‘unplanned’ email campaigns. Factors such as slow moving stock or pressures to cross sell/up sell all mean more email campaigns need to be processed by the marketing team. Yet, finding the time to run these unplanned campaigns can be difficult.

The BPA Platform can automatically create and send Elastic Email campaigns based on data events you define e.g. slow moving stock. It will also update your CRM application with the results.

Automating campaign report distribution

Once an email campaign has been sent you will probably need to generate a report detailing the open and click through results. This report will then be required by the sales team to update the CRM system and set up follow-up activities. More administration for you and your company to absorb.

The BPA Platform can automatically create and distribute open and click through reports and dynamically update CRM systems. Removing this administration allows your sales team to focus on the primary objective of sales.

The business benefits of integrating Elastic Email with your CRM solution include:

  • Removal of time consuming bi-directional data entry
  • Eradication of the risk of sending inappropriate communications to contacts whose statuses have changed in one application (CRM) but not your other systems (Elastic Email).
  • Improvement in employee productivity

If you want to find out more about Elastic Email integration or have any questions about what business process automation and application integration can do for your business call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

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