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Codeless Platforms Generates Revenue & New Opportunities for Channel Partner Acora

Codeless Platforms to deliver end-to-end solutions for IT services provider, Acora

Codeless Platforms is pleased to announce that, following an accredited partner agreement, its BPA Platform is helping Acora, an IT services provider and Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist, deliver end-to-end solutions to its customers, generate additional revenue, as well as secure new business.

“Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform has given us an additional opportunity for generating revenue with existing customers and prospects. Having this solution in our portfolio can often help us gain business that we may not have otherwise secured. The BPA Platform has the ability to improve operations across all departments, which is beneficial to a company as a whole, and that’s something that really appeals.” James Karp, Chief Sales Officer, Acora

“We are very pleased to have signed Acora as an accredited partner and are looking forward to working in conjunction with them to deliver successful projects. Our BPA Platforms works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing intelligent automation and integration capabilities. By adding the BPA Platform to its portfolio Acora will be able to help its customers cut costs, drive efficiency, optimise relationships and improve visibility.” Philip Smith, CEO, Codeless Platforms

Flexible Integration and Automation

Each time Acora proposes Microsoft Dynamics NAV it has the ability to deliver a comprehensive solution that can be adapted to meet its clients’ requirements. By utilising the Platform’s full capabilities, Acora can provide full integration between virtually any system as well as flexible business process automation capabilities.

“Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform fits nicely between industry specific applications and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing information to flow freely where applicable. It is extremely flexible and provides us with a wide range of options, from system integration and alerting capabilities to automated document processing. We often deploy the BPA Platform to solve more than one problem. Quite often, following its deployment, our customers approach us with further requirements as they begin to understand how it can help improve other processes within their organisation.”James Karp

Demonstrate Clear ROI

Having a vast array of options for tailored business process automation is attractive in ensuring Acora’s clients receive a solution that fits their needs. Businesses are able to cost effectively build, operate and maintain an unlimited number of automated processes to achieve maximum long term strategic value.

“Knowing that we can work with Codeless Platforms to deliver solutions that provide optimal performance and justify a customer’s investment is a huge benefit. The ability to demonstrate ROI is imperative in the decision making process for businesses. We are confident in introducing Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform as we can give clarification on the benefits that will be attained, many of which will be visible from day one.”James Karp

Partner Focus: Acora

Partner Focus: Acora

Discover how BPA Platform has given Acora an additional opportunity for generating revenue with existing customers and prospects, and enabled it to gain business that it may not have otherwise secured.

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