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BPA Platform provides SEIDOR with a ‘go-to’ solution for all SAP integration projects, as well as additional commercial benefits

SEIDOR focuses all of its attention and expertise at delivering world-class SAP services and support into growing organisations. As part of its service offering to its customers, SEIDOR also provides software to enhance SAP solutions, including BPA Platform for automating and integrating a range of third-party systems with SAP Business One, such as eCommerce integration, courier integration, CRM systems, as well as connecting to FTP drop files for websites.

Primary Applications Used: SAP Business One

Partner Benefits

  • Ability to offer the full package to customers without using third parties
  • The confidence to say yes to any request for any integration; closing deals
  • Flexibility of platform can provide faster rollout and increased turnover
  • Quick uptake by consultants due to BPA Platform’s ease of use and widespread deployment

BPA Platform is our ‘go to’ tool for any integration with anything related to SAP. It just offers a more rounded SAP integration for us. BPA Platform gives us that tool to bridge the gaps between other systems and SAP Business One. It allows us to offer customers the right solution to integrate and bring all their systems together. Having a trusted partner that can provide that is a huge value add that customers want.

Andrew Phillips, Customer Engagement Director, SEIDOR

Partner Focus: SEIDOR

Partner Focus: SEIDOR

Discover how BPA Platform has provided SEIDOR with a ‘go-to’ solution in its toolset for all SAP integration projects, as well as provided it with additional commercial benefits:

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