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Exception Management Software

Are you looking for an exception management software solution to automatically notify you if your stock level thresholds are about to be breached? Or would you like to know if a key customer account is approaching the end its credit line or if a compliance procedure has not been completed? Relying on employees to manually identify potential issues every day is both costly and a risky strategy.

Codeless Platforms' exception management software solution removes the risk of relying on employees to monitor and report on business exceptions by automatically monitoring your key business applications data and providing you with detailed exception reporting and/or associated workflow tasks.

Its BPA Platform enables you to automate business processes and integrate systems quickly and easily in a cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment. Its innovative drag and drop technology removes the need for coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.

BPA Platforms' exception handling capabilities include:

  • Exception reporting and notifications via email or SMS
  • Automated exception reports with attachments
  • Exception reporting with added single and/or multi authorisation workflows
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Exception Management Software Brochure

Exception Management Software Brochure

Discover the commercial benefits of using BPA Platform to automate your exception management procedures.
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Exception Management Software Scenarios and Benefits

Common automated exception notifications and exception reports when using BPA Platform:

BPA Platforms' exception handling capability provides you with the ability to automatically monitor any business process within your organisation and then automate report creation and distribution or send a real-time business notification. BPA Platforms' workflow approval capability provides you with the ability review, approve, or reject exceptions based on your specific business rules and workflow requirements.

BPA Platform automates the creation and distribution exception reports by scheduled or database event for the following formats:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML

Exception Report Examples:

  • Automated revenue and expense reports for specific periods providing a variance in actual and budgeted values
  • Project management and budgeting reports e.g. when a project budget has been exceeded by X% amount
  • Automated supply chain reports e.g. Analyse inventory volume across multiple warehouses to improve fulfilment times and route planning, move allocations or create re-order points
  • Pricing and margin exception reports

Exception Notification Examples:

  • Low stock level alerts (email/SMS)
  • Account placed on hold notification with detailed purchase history report attached
  • Unauthorised discount notification
  • Uncompleted database record business alert

"We sell our items in a lot of currencies and so there’s never a day when something isn’t moving around. BPA Platform sends an appropriate email to inform us when a currency has breached the amount we are currently trading at. We can then decide whether or not to reprice some of our goods."
Malcolm MacLean, Global Head of IT, Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamonds use BPA Platform to integrate over 50 instances of SAP Business One, EPOS and SAP Concur Download Case Study
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Common commercial benefits of using an exception management system include:

  • Significant reduction in the company's exposure to financial and competitive risk
  • Removal of the company's dependence of employees to 'spot' exceptions
  • Monitor and enforce best practice and company procedures
  • Automation of employee activities that exceptions cause
  • Improvement in employee and company performance
  • Consistent provision of detailed information to support exception reports and subsequent decisions
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Exception Management Software Brochure

Exception Management Software Brochure

Discover the commercial benefits of using BPA Platform to automate your exception management procedures.

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