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KFA Connect

KFA Connect, an application and integration specialist, uses BPA Platform for IBM i (AS/400) and SAP Business One projects

Following a huge spike in demand for integration and automation, KFA Connect decided to fully embrace BPA Platform’s capabilities. It is now using it as its default integration tool for a wide range of projects, including its own barcode scanning solution (ScanB1), eCommerce (Amazon, eBay, Linnworks, Magento, Shopify), courier services (GFS, Heremes, Parcelforce, Royal Mail), CRM (Zoho CRM), and ERP systems (SAP Business One, SAP ECC 6.0). BPA Platform has not only helped roll out projects quicker, it has also led to new sales opportunities and established new business relationships.

Primary Applications Used: IBM i AS/400 , SAP Business One, ScanB1

Partner Benefits

  • Quick turnaround for projects
  • Potential to exploit new leads and opportunities
  • Built relationships with other businesses
  • Full marketing support

We can always think of a reason why we should install BPA Platform. When looking at an approach to a project, it’s harder to think of a genuine reason where it wouldn’t be a useful addition. The fact is that it is a very useful product to use 99% of the time when working on a project. It can be rolled out quite quickly, and you can switch between different vendors and software.

Nicki Smith, Sales Manager, KFA Connect

Partner Focus: KFA Connect

Partner Focus: KFA Connect

Discover how KFA Connect is using BPA Platform for integration projects, including barcode scanning, eCommerce, courier, CRM and ERP systems.

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