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Struto Selects BPA Platform for HubSpot Integration and Automation Projects

Business process automation helping organisations improve efficiency and plan for future growth

Codeless Platforms today revealed that Struto, a Diamond HubSpot partner, solutions agency and systems integrator, has recently adopted BPA Platform as its integration and business process automation solution of choice. As well as using it to integrate HubSpot with other business systems, Struto is exploiting its automation capabilities to help its customers improve efficiencies and plan for future growth.

“We are busy building our technical stack around systems integration. We have the ability to build custom integrations in house, but they aren’t right for everyone. There are a number of situations where the technology that we want to integrate with is in house or in a private cloud, and that’s where Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform comes in,” explained Craig Wiltshire, Managing Director, Struto.

“What we like about BPA Platform is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. For instance, Codeless Platforms offers prebuilt connectors for systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One. Why would we go and reinvent the wheel and travel that journey again from scratch? BPA Platform provides us with the ability to easily integrate HubSpot with these ERP systems.”

Struto delivers a full service HubSpot experience to its customers around website design and development, marketing and sales services, and systems integration. Although HubSpot integration with ERP systems is a core focus for Struto, its customer requirements for HubSpot integration go way beyond ERP systems.

“These days, everyone’s trying to integrate all of their business systems. It’s about getting that 360-degree view of all of your customer data and all of your business data. In many instances, companies are trying to use HubSpot as a system of record. For that to happen we need to integrate with all other instances of data within an organisation,” revealed Wiltshire.

“For our customers, it’s the ability to do more with less. Ultimately, it’s not just about integration, it’s about process automation as well. The ability to enable people to be more efficient, especially in today’s climate. It’s not necessarily about growth anymore, it’s about adapting to the current market conditions. That might mean having to scale the business back or use technology in order to find efficiencies in the business. Therefore, we see BPA Platform as an enabler right now, but we also see it as being part of the story for growth in the future once more.”

About Codeless Platforms

Founded in 1999, Codeless Platforms is at the forefront of business process automation and rapid application development. We have a proven track record of developing and delivering agile, flexible and robust next generation software solutions, empowering businesses to get the most from their data as well as the ability to respond to the rapidly changing business demands of today. Our knowledge of the marketplace and channel has grown in line with this development and established us as a highly experienced and reputable software company, working closely with partners and software vendors, such as Access, Epicor, Infor, Microsoft, Sage, SAP and SYSPRO. With over 450 global partners, more than 8000 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software solutions, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise. The company is headquartered in Poole, UK, with representative offices throughout the world.

HubSpot Integration Brochure

HubSpot Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating HubSpot with your CRM software will improve data accuracy and drive commercial performance.

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