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SAP Business One Integration Improves Sales Order Management and Logistics for Manufacturer

EverEdge deploys BPA Platform for WooCommerce SAP Business One integration and SAP Business One DHL integration to improve sales order management and logistics

Codeless Platforms today revealed that EverEdge, a manufacturer of steel garden edging products, has improved its sales order management and logistics processes by moving all of its operations onto SAP Business One and then integrating WooCommerce and DHL.

Prior to the implementation of SAP Business One, EverEdge was utilising a combination of systems to manage its system processes. As a multi-faceted organisation, EverEdge recognised the need for a more integrated and adaptable solution to manage its diverse operations effectively.

As well as moving to SAP Business One, EverEdge also created a new website, built on WooCommerce. As a result, BPA Platform was installed to integrate WooCommerce with SAP Business One, and then automate the inputting of sales orders from the website into SAP Business One.

“We have sales orders coming in from our website and they get uploaded into SAP Business One without any issue. The current website integration just works and the timing of the upload has been improved. This is very helpful as we are definitely getting more orders coming in via the new website. With the old website customers were limited to what they could order, whereas with the new website they can order everything,” explained Tim Smith, Group Financial Accountant, EverEdge.

Another major aspect of the business that EverEdge wanted better control of was its logistics – specifically delivery management and the shipping of exports. BPA Platform was therefore used to integrate SAP Business One with DHL and to automate the uploading of delivery information.

“We have two separate businesses, one for the UK and one for exports – which is EverEdge Ltd. There are about twenty agents worldwide and we usually have one order a day from them. We have set up an automated process that creates a back to back purchase order once a sales order has been entered into EverEdge Ltd.”

“This is due to the fact that when an order comes into EverEdge Ltd. it purchases everything from the UK company and then sells it on to the export customer. The process therefore creates a back to back purchase order which then connects a back to back sales order in the UK business. Automating that process saves a lot of time re-entering information,” said Tim Smith.

“Setting up the integration between SAP Business One and the DHL API was very straightforward. During peak time, we could have three pallets a day of individual orders going out, with each order consisting of potentially two or three packs. Therefore it could be 200 orders a day shipping out via DHL. Making sure that works and is as efficient as possible is paramount.”

With SAP Business One now fully up and running and EverEdge having better insight into its operations, the company can now concentrate on developing other aspects of the business.

“I’m surprised at how much more you can do with BPA Platform. We’ll be using it for a few more projects. For example, we’re changing credit card provider, moving away from Worldpay to TrustPay, and we’ll be using the iPayments module, so those will need to be integrated with SAP Business One.”

“We are also trialling a new pallet provider, Palletline, so we also need a connection to that. Palletline has an API, so that should be fairly straightforward. We are also looking at creating a solution to automatically send out a sales brochure or a credit account application form to a customer – setting up a predefined activity to send out the email,” concluded Tim Smith.

About EverEdge
EverEdge has been manufacturing steel garden edging products since 1995. Initially selling its lawn edgings to private gardeners, the company significantly increased its portfolio in the subsequent years to include bespoke durable garden planters, podium planter systems, wall claddings and a comprehensive range of edgings for professionals. As a result, EverEdge has expanded globally with customers throughout Europe, North America and Australasia. Learn more at:

About Codeless Platforms
Codeless Platforms provides a powerful low-code platform that empowers global businesses to take full control of their data and accelerate business growth. Customers use our cutting-edge BPA Platform to create a fully integrated, streamlined ecosystem, automate business processes and synchronise their data. Since 1999, we have developed our flexible and scalable platform to help businesses easily respond to the rapidly changing business demands of today as well as prepare them for the future. With over 450 global partners, more than 7000 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software solutions. Learn more at:

Case Study: EverEdge

Case Study: EverEdge

EverEdge, a manufacturer of steel garden edging products, improves sales order management and logistics via SAP Business One WooCommerce integration and DHL integration.

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