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EveryChild Charity Automates Critical Administrative Activities

TaskCentre automates production and distribution of annual statements, child sponsorship reports and financial transparency documents

All charities understand the financial and moral importance of keeping administration costs down to an absolute minimum and EveryChild is no exception to this rule. As a charity, it is constantly looking for innovative ways to release additional revenues from donators’ gifts and, in doing so, it has discovered a technology that will revolutionise the way the charity sector deals with its administrative burden.

As part of EveryChild’s on-going financial custodianship, it discovered a powerful software application that has the ability to automate virtually any of its back office administration activities.

“To date, we have automated a number of critical administrative activities which historically required a significant amount of employee hours to complete,” explained Roland Sadler, Database Manager, EveryChild. “For instance, we have automated the production and distribution of annual statements, child sponsorship reports and financial transparency documents in addition to automating our email marketing activities.”

The operational benefits that EveryChild have achieved using TaskCentre also drew comment for Philip Smith, Managing Director for Orbis Software: “Reducing operational costs is an imperative for all organisations today, but more so for those whose primary focus is to support vulnerable members of society and the disadvantaged. I’m very pleased that EveryChild is using TaskCentre’s automation capabilities for the benefit of all its stakeholders.”

As a forward-thinking organisation, EveryChild also has a number of other exciting plans for TaskCentre. In particular, it is planning to utilise TaskCentre’s SMS capabilities to create reverse billing marketing campaigns to open-up new revenue streams to the charity.

About EveryChild

Based in London and employing 55 people, EveryChild supports vulnerable children to enable them to grow up free from disease, poverty and exploitation as valued individuals. It works with communities and governments across the world to ensure that every child has the right to an education, healthcare and to grow up in a loving family environment with a secure future.

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