Database Query (OLEDB)

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Creating a formula field within the OLDEB query tool fails with error 0x80070582

Symptom When you create a new formula field within the OLEDB query tool you may see the following error: 0x80070582 Cause Caused by having multiple tasks with OLEDB query tool opened and editing the same formula field. Background 0x80070582 is a Windows error code…

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Removing an OLEDB connection fails with error: 0x80041160

Symptom Removing an OLEDB connection from the list of connections in the Database Query (OLEDB) tool configuration fails with following error: The operation failed 0x80041160 Applies to TaskCentre 4.5 SR4D (Build 1148) Resolution This issue is fixed by incident id 39599 in TaskCentre v4.5…

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Creating a Global OLEDB Connection – Server name length restriction

Symptom When creating a new Database Query (OLEDB) global connection and selecting a server from the drop down list the interface restricts the display of the server name to no more than 20 characters. This can make instances with particularly long names difficult to…

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