Database Query (ODBC)

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Database Query – Setting Date Criteria

Summary The content of this knowledge base article will provide a solution for building an SQL statement that contains date criteria set on a date field of + (plus) or- (minus) a number of days. This will allow data to be displayed either side…

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Unable to query a SAP HANA database: Driver error – 10808 [HODBC32] Feature (SCROLLABLE RESULT) not implemented yet

Symptom Unable to query a SAP HANA database, the following error occurs: Driver error – 10808 [HODBC32] Feature (SCROLLABLE RESULT) not implemented yet Cause The SAP HANA ODBC layer does not support scrollable cursors. Resolution Go to the global configuration properties for the SAP…

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Database Query: RowCount property not reflecting the amount of rows produced by a recordset

Symptom The Database query step’s RowCount property does not reflect the number of rows returned by the query. It may contain a value such as -1, or 0 (zero) in place of the expected number of rows. Please follow the below link for a…

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Global ODBC connection test fails with error 0x80040154

Symptom When you click the Test button after creating an ODBC connection it fails with the following error code: 0x80040154 Cause Caused by the Microsoft Data Access objects not being registered. Resolution Register the dao350 and dao360 dlls found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\ with…

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