Call Procedure (OLEDB)

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Running a SAP HANA stored procedure errors with: ‘Unterminated quoted identifier’

Symptom Running a SAP HANA stored procedure produces the following error: .. [HDBODBC32] Syntax error or access violation; 257 sql syntax error: unterminated quoted identifier.. Cause The error occurs when SAP HANA identifiers are not enclosed in double quote (“) characters. The SAP HANA…

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How to run a SAP HANA database stored procedure using TaskCentre

 Solution 1) Within Windows: Create a 32 bit DSN to the HANA database 2) Within TaskCentre : Manage > Tools > Execute > Call Stored Procedure (OLEDB), create a connection using the Microsoft OLEDB Provider for ODBC drivers, and reference the DSN created in…

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Updating oracle stored procedure with > 32 KB fails with ‘the operation failed 0x80040e14’

Symptom Updating an Oracle stored procedure using the Call Stored Procedure (OLEDB) tool returns the following error code: the operation failed 0x80040e14 Cause The underlying error is ‘ORA-01460: unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested’. This is caused by binding more than 32KB data to a…

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Call Stored Procedure step fails at task runtime with error 0x80040e21

Symptom When a task contains a Call Stored Procedure step that accepts parameter values, it may fail at runtime with the following error: 0x80040e21 Cause Occurs when the parameter value can’t be converted into the specified data type. For example, if a stored procedure…

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