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Footwear, clothing and equipment brand automated order fulfilment process via Microsoft Dynamics AX integration with eCommerce and courier services

Following its global success, inov-8 needed to ensure that it had an efficient sales order fulfilment process and therefore wanted to integrate its eCommerce platform and courier systems with its ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. inov-8 was so comfortable using BPA Platform that, after a small amount of training, everything was managed in house. The company was able to easily synchronise data between its eCommerce channels and Dynamics AX, resulting in operational efficiency, as well as laying the foundations for future developments.

Primary Applications Used: Microsoft Dynamics AX, eCommerce platform, courier service and B2B portal

The Challenge

  • Improve order fulfilment process
  • Integrate eCommerce and courier systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Keep integration project in house
  • Prepare for future projects

To read how inov-8 overcame its challenges, please download the case study.

“Our core focus is making our fulfilment processes as efficient as possible. We use BPA Platform to transfer sales orders, sync inventory and manage shipments across the different sales channels.You don’t really need a coding or developer skill set in order to utilise BPA Platform. I think once you’ve been trained on it to understand the different components and how it works, which we did initially, it’s relatively easy for a non-developer to pick it up and use it.”

Jonathan Emerson, Head of IT, inov-8
Case Study: inov-8

Case Study: inov-8

inov-8, a footwear, clothing and equipment brand, improved its sales order fulfilment process by integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX with eCommerce and courier services.

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