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Codeless Case Study

Aventi Holdings

Crystal Reports Email Automation: Automating the Creation and Distribution of Crystal Reports

In the last decade the distribution sector has perfected the efficient movement of goods and exceeded the expectations of customers. However, to improve profitability further, distributors are now turning their attention to their back office setup to achieve further savings. This case study documents exactly how Aventi Holdings, a leading distributor of DVD film and consumer electronics, reduced administrative costs by automating, amongst other things, the creation and distribution of Crystal Reports by using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform.

Primary Applications Used: Access Dimensions, Crystal Reports

The Challenge

  • Gain visibility of real-time stock information
  • Produce exception based reporting
  • Reduce manual input in Crystal Report creation and delivery
  • Remove costly administration tasks from employee workloads

To read how Aventi Holdings overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“The nature of our business means that we require detailed, exception-based reporting. This is something that would have been costly to achieve manually because of the amount of employee time that would be required to monitor stock levels within the database.”

Adam Wheeler, Operations Manager, Aventi Holdings

Case Study: Aventi Holdings

Case Study: Aventi Holdings

Discover how Aventi Holdings, a leading distributor, used Codeless Platforms BPA Platfrom to reduce administration costs by automating the creation and distribution of Crystal Reports.

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