The Woodland Trust

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Automated Direct Debit Checks, Notification and Process Automation

Conservation charity The Woodland Trust needed to integrate its CRM, fundraising and charity management system, CARENG with its other business systems to automate Direct Debit checks, financial management tasks and other day-to-day repetitive, manual processes to improve productivity.

Primary Applications Used: CARENG – charity and fund-raising management software

The Challenge

  • Improve integration between business systems
  • Manage workarounds for its CRM solution
  • Automate Direct Debit checks
  • Improve manual administration processes

To read how The Woodland Trust overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“The benefits are obviously the enhanced efficiency of collecting income for the Trust and the reduction of manual intervention for numerous tasks.”

Chris Holt, SRM Project Manager, The Woodland Trust

Case Study: Woodland Trust

Case Study: Woodland Trust

Discover the benefits Woodland Trust achieved through integration with its CARENG system to automate Direct Debit checks and reduce repetitive manual tasks.

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