Integrating GoCardless API with Accounting, CRM and ERP Systems

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Point and Click GoCardless API Integration with Accounting, ERP and CRM Systems

GoCardless is an extremely efficient way to take one-off and recurring payments online. It makes it incredibly cheap and easy for anyone to take payments online using the Direct Debit infrastructure, without the operational complexity associated with traditional providers.

GoCardless’s industry-beating pricing (1% up to a maximum of £2), easy payment collection (it automates reconciliation into your accounts) and instant online sign-up means that it is rapidly becoming the preferred online direct debit option for businesses.

GoCardless will automatically pay money collected from customer accounts directly into a house bank account. Although this payment data can be viewed in the dedicated dashboard, it ideally needs to be extracted into your accounting or ERP systems. Usually, this is a manual task, whereby you export the CSV files and then upload them to your system.

In fact, GoCardless manages and stores all the customer information, including contact and bank account details, internally. This information ideally needs to be shared with your accounting, CRM or ERP system to enable you to fully manage your customer database and cross-reference payments.

Another issue that may need to be addressed is that, as a payment processor, GoCardless does not create invoices for payments. Instead, it will send your customer an email notification of the amount paid. If your customers require an invoice you will need to link GoCardless with your invoicing system.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can be used to fully integrate the GoCardless API with any of your existing business systems, enabling you to automatically generate customer invoices and fully manage the taking, tracking and reconciliation of your payments.

Download the GoCardless API Integration brochure to find out more about automating a number of manual processes.

GoCardless Integration Brochure

GoCardless Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating GoCardless with your other business applications can drive company revenues.

Download Brochure
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