Extend Business Systems with Customised Applications

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Most organisations rely on core, centralised products to manage and process everyday business activities – whether this is a full blown ERP system, an accounting package, CRM system or sales platform, or a combination thereof.

The large vendors that supply these core products obviously cannot fulfil every process required by organisations. Generally, they also lack the flexibility to constantly develop and release additional modules, add-ons or extensions for their products, such is the breadth and scope of the various marketplaces that companies occupy and subsequent business processes required.

Developing customised applications and add-ons via PaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) makes it easy for businesses to rapidly build data-driven applications and deploy them on any cloud (Public, Private or Hybrid) or on-premises, on any device, without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying infrastructure.

These applications and add-ons can provide the desired additional functionality for companies that have already invested in expensive systems as mentioned above. Instead of overhauling entire information technology strategies, these add-ons can be used to support specific activities of a business unit.

PaaS gives organisations the freedom and ability to scale or reduce application use to meet current requirements and financial budgets, as well as scale up (and down) application availability to rapidly meet business events or specific projects.

Applications and add-ons developed outside of the core business system also allow organisations to keep up to date with the latest releases from the vendor without it damaging upgrade paths.

Codeless Platforms’ Applications Platform

Our Applications Platform enables you to rapidly create Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business applications using point and click, drag and drop tools in a standard web browser with a minimal amount of code.

This enables you to reduce development time and resource requirements, accelerate time-to-market, simplify application delivery and deployment, and provide a proven cloud platform on which to build all of your custom business applications.

To find out more about creating customised applications and add-ons as well as the capabilities of our Applications Platform, download the eBook below and/or call us on +44 (0)330 99 88 700.

eBook: Extend Business Systems with Customised Applications

eBook: Extend Business Systems with Customised Applications

Discover the advantages of rapid application development to quickly and easily create and deploy new add-ons or applications that fulfil business events or specific projects.

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