Should You Buy or Build New Applications? The Benefits of PaaS

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The ‘Buy or Build’ dilemma for organisations evaluating a new business application is long established and one that has been the focus of heated debate between IT professionals and senior decision makers. This debate was often complex and challenging because of the variety of systems used within the organisation’s current IT landscape, as well as the personal preferences. However, with the advent of cloud technology and, more specifically, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), has this debate finally moved on to a definitive conclusion?

The Old Debate

Over time, organisations develop their own business processes or ‘way of doing things’ as the business grows. This is the one constant that every business decision maker can relate to. Variation in business processes can, however, have a significant impact on the evolution of an organisation’s IT infrastructure and overall competitiveness.

Due to continually evolving business processes organisations can, in many cases, begin the modification of core systems or drive employees to develop their own ‘hidden’ methods of managing processes with tools such as Excel or Microsoft Access.

This unregulated or unstructured approach to system development and process management ultimately leads to a flash point and the requirement for a new system. But this new system must now cater for all the unique business processes that the success of the business is dependent on. It is this evolution that created the ‘Buy or Build?’ debate.

Previously, bespoke development was perceived to be too expensive and really only attractive to specialist businesses. However, with the advent of PaaS, these assumptions have arguably been turned on their head and decision makers are now presented with a highly viable option of gaining all the functional benefits of ‘bespoke’ without the negatives associated with this approach.

With the impact of PaaS technology, it’s clear to see that building custom applications is now a very real option, both technically and financially, for organisations of any size. Packaged solutions still have a very important role to play in the IT landscape, but with PaaS as an important enabler for a true customised fit.

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eBook: Should You Buy or Build New Applications?

eBook: Should You Buy or Build New Applications?

Discover the freedom of building flexible applications to meet business requirements and financial budgets.

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