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16 HR Process Improvement Ideas

Codeless Platforms’ Human Resources management solutions have been used by organisations globally to improve HR processes.

Our platforms have been specifically designed to work the way your HR department works, to provide your business with a 100% fit every time. We have compiled sixteen of the top most popular ways that our customers have used our solutions to achieve an administration-free, self-serving working environment.

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HR Process Improvement Ideas

  • HR self-service portal
  • Holiday request workflow to simplify authorisation from managers
  • Holiday reminders to encourage employees to use their allocated holiday allowance
  • Employee management application
  • Automated request to employees to update missing details from HR records e.g. phone numbers, next of kin etc.
  • Monitoring of time and attendance records and alerting when anomalies occur e.g. regular lateness or excessive overtime etc.
  • Alerting directors with details of how much overtime employees are working
  • Sickness monitoring with email alerts of an employee who has an abnormally high number of sick days
  • Probation period monitoring e.g. generating an alert to relevant managers when an employee’s probation period is nearing its end
  • Employee onboarding and new starter welcome emails including details of who they report to, why they are responsible for, details of procedures relating to expenses and holiday booking procedures, company intranet details etc.
  • Chasing employees for overdue timesheets or asking them to re-submit if they were incomplete
  • Chasing employees for missing payroll information such as bank details and P45s
  • Alerting managers when an employee leaves the organisation
  • Alerting departments when a new member of staff starts
  • Allowing employees to use SMS text messaging to check remaining holiday allocation. The SMS text message is received by BPA Platform which then finds out how much holiday the sender has left and sends the information back to the employee as a text message
  • Providing easy checking of staff rotas. For example, companies that have emergency staff on call can enable their managers to query staff rotas by text message. This ensures that even at 3am they can quickly and easily find out which member of emergency staff is on call

This is a just a small selection of ways that our customers use our solutions to improve employee and company performance. BPA Platform provides your organisation with data integration and business process automation capabilities enabling you to streamline operations, reduce costs and drive company performance.

For more information on how to streamline HR processes through automation and HR self-service portals, download the brochure below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

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BPA Platform Brochure

BPA Platform Brochure

Automate and integrate systems quickly and easily to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.

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