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Amazon Seller Central Epicor Integration

Do you need a market-proven Amazon Seller Central Epicor integration platform to synchronise orders, product inventory and pricing and stock data between Epicor ERP and Amazon Seller Cenral? Or are you looking for a solution to facilitate Amazon FBA automation?

Codeless Platforms' Amazon Seller Central integration connector for Epicor ERP provides you with drag-and-drop tools to automate the delivery of marketplace activity between your Amazon store and your Epicor ERP system.

Our Epicor ERP Amazon integration solution enables you to automatically extract new sales orders from the marketplace and place them into to your business software without the need for manual input. It facilitates Amazon FBA automation and can provide the ability to automatically notify customers when orders have been shipped and allow them to track the delivery.

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Epicor Amazon Seller Central Integration Features and Benefits

Typical operations of the Epicor ERP Amazon Seller Central API integration connector that are often implemented by BPA Platform users include:

  • Automatic download of sales orders from Amazon to Epicor ERP: CDelivery method (as selected by the customer, e.g. courier and delivery timeframe), product description (product code and quantity required), transaction ID, Amazon fulfilment (Amazon FBA integration)
  • Automatic upload of Epicor sales order statuses to Amazon
  • Part shipment: Allow items of an order to be shipped as they become available
  • Automatic upload of Epicor ERP stock level and price changes to Amazon: Product stock levels, product price changes

Common custom features that can be implemented using the Epicor ERP Amazon Seller Central API connector include:

When downloading a sales order to your Epicor ERP system:

  • Configurable products: Accommodate bespoke customisation of a product where multiple choice options within a product's listings are available
  • Multiple payment methods: Allow payments to be split to allow payments for one half and a payment method for the other
  • Payment reconciliation: Automatically check if a payment for an order has successfully reached the vendor bank account before an order can be shipped

When uploading Epicor ERP stock levels and price changes to your Amazon store:

  • Amazon stock levels and prices inaccessible: Product stock levels and prices are obtained solely from your Epicor ERP system and can be customised to query your inventory on Amazon to obtain an aggregate figure.

Common commercial advantages of integrating Epicor ERP with Amazon Seller Central include:

  • Significantly reduced order fulfilment times
  • Ability to process a higher volume of sales without increasing company headcounts
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Remove repetitive manual data entry
Download Brochure
Amazon Seller Central Epicor Integration Brochure

Amazon Seller Central Epicor Integration Brochure

Discover how Amazon Seller Central and Epicor integration significantly improves order management processes and reduces operational costs.

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