Travel & Expense Specialist Uses BPA Platform to Integrate SAP Concur with ERP & HR Software

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TMCON and Codeless Platforms sign partnership deal to provide customers with powerful travel and expense solutions

Codeless Platforms is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership deal with TMCON, Inc., a specialist in travel and expense (T&E) management projects and services and an official SAP Concur Partner (Certified for Implementation / Customer Success). TMCON will be using BPA Platform to build sophisticated interfaces for its clients, allowing them to connect SAP Concur with their HR and ERP platforms (SAP Business One, SAP HANA, SAP R/3), where previously they had to rely on ‘home-made’ interfaces.

With its regional headquarters in Frankfurt (Germany) and Orlando (Florida, USA), and a subsidiary office in Prague (Czech Republic), TMCON has been providing T&E and SAP Concur related services since 2016. Its Americas and EMEA teams provide customers with a dozen highly skilled and experienced consultants and project resources, covering the complete request, travel and expense process, from start to finish.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform, a certified SAP Concur integration solution, enables customers and partners to integrate SAP Concur with any accounting or ERP system and then automate the transfer of data, such as expenses, journal entries or purchase invoices, between SAP Concur and that system, helping to improve visibility and fully manage finances.

Andy Wittmann, Managing Director, Americas at TMCON: “We are a company that strongly believes in effective partner relationships with other vendors in the T&E market, building a partnership that is mutually beneficial to the partners as well as the customers. Exchanging knowledge and expertise, this partnership will elevate both TMCON’s and Codeless Platforms’ service offerings to the next level. Not only will we be able to leverage integrations using the BPA Platform to provide a much wider spectrum of services to our clients (additional to our expertise with the SAP Concur native interface), we will also be able to use our extensive knowledge of SAP Concur and vast experience with complex client organisations to help Codeless Platforms further develop BPA Platform and reach additional markets.”

Matt Lidster, Managing Director, Codeless Platforms: “TMCON has vast practical knowledge of rolling out enterprise-level SAP Concur projects, drawing on years of experience in global project management and consulting. The team understands every aspect of SAP Concur and T&E processes, enabling the company to offer valuable insight and deliver successful multi-lingual implementation projects. We are therefore extremely pleased to partner with TMCON, helping the consultancy offer powerful end-to-end solutions to its customers as well as enabling Codeless Platforms to reach a wider T&E community.”

SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration Brochure

SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration Brochure

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