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Orbis Software Releases Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack 4.3

Tool Pack includes a number of fixes for known issues and a range of new features

Orbis Software, a provider of business process automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack v4.3, which includes a number of fixes for known issues and the following new features:

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Support for sub-folders and public folders
  • Ability to create appointments
  • Retrieval of the attendees’ status for meetings & appointments
  • Extraction of attachments from Calendar Items
  • Addition of the ‘isPrivate’ Flag for Calendar Items

The Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack gives a simple, straightforward way of reading and updating Microsoft Exchange. This enables efficient integration between Microsoft Exchange and other systems.

The Microsoft Exchange Event Agent subscribes to events in the Exchange server. This means that it is not necessary to poll for changes in Exchange (which would be very inefficient) but instead Exchange will notify the Agent when changes occur.

The Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool is used to operate with data from/to your Microsoft Exchange Server. The Tool transforms incoming XML data into an XML format for the specific Microsoft Exchange object and operation selected. This XML is then passed to the Exchange Web Service (EWS) which does the actual communication with Exchange via its API.

The response is exposed as XML from the Tool, which could include details of the object requested, errors from Exchange, or the values of any automatically generated ID fields. The Tool does not accept a recordset directly as input, but variables containing XML data from any source at Task runtime may be utilised.

In addition, a recordset can be processed by the Recordset to XML Tool first to transform it into XML if you have this Tool available.


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