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Numed Healthcare Cuts Manual Tasks by 95% Using BPA Platform for ERP Integration

Medical devices supplier streamlines customer service and increases revenue streams via ERP integration and business process automation

Codeless Platforms today revealed that Numed Healthcare, a supplier of medical devices that integrate with electronic medical record systems, has transformed its business processes by automating them with BPA Platform. This has resulted in a significant reduction in manual tasks, an increase in revenue streams, and an improvement in customer service.

Numed Healthcare, like numerous organisations, relies on a variety of different software systems and databases to run its business. It chose BPA Platform due to its ability to target specific processes that it wanted to improve. BPA Platform also enabled the organisation to easily integrate its business systems, including CRM, ERP and internal databases.

“We have multiple databases and systems that require a lot of administrative time and effort to keep them up to date. Most of our tasks involve doing the same thing repeatedly. The aim of the project was to automate and develop our internal processes so that they work for our staff and customers, making things as simple and easy as possible,” explained Jason Holmes, Operations Manager at Numed Healthcare.

Since its deployment, Numed Healthcare has used BPA Platform to automate various processes, such as linking its ERP system to its direct debit system, keeping its stock updated on its website, designing its own credit control process, and raising service jobs for its customers. It has also created a fully automated collection service, from booking a collection with a courier to sending the invoice to the customer.

With the automation in place, BPA Platform has allowed Numed Healthcare to free up its staff’s time to focus on the core aspects of their job roles, automate mundane tasks, and streamline customer service, allowing employees to focus on serving customers.

“BPA Platform has been a fantastic purchase for us. Automation has created revenue opportunities and reduced our admin burden. Some of our manual tasks have been streamlined to tens of hours in place of the hundreds of manual hours pre-BPA Platform,” revealed Jason Holmes.

As well as delivering the integration and business process automation capabilities that were required, BPA Platform has provided Numed Healthcare with a great deal of flexibility as well as resiliency.

“BPA Platform has allowed the company to scale up its capacity as its business has grown. It has also allowed us to build fault tolerance into our system should something go down. Our technical staff have written tasks that can go back to the last known time it was working and backdate any missing transactions,” said Jason Holmes.

“Another reason why Numed Healthcare selected BPA Platform was that it is reasonably priced and has a clear price structure. It’s a flat rate with no hidden costs or surprises. The clear business model enabled us to write a business plan and forecast the associated costs. We know that if we want to add something in the future, we know roughly what that’s going to cost us.”

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Case Study: Numed Healthcare

Case Study: Numed Healthcare

Numed Healthcare, a leading supplier of medical devices, integrates its ERP, CRM and internal databases, helping to reduce manual tasks, streamline customer service, and increase revenues.

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