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System requirements for implementing an Exchange to SAP integration solution


An Exchange to SAP integration solution allows for created or modified mailbox objects in Exchange, such as calendar or contact entries, to be automatically created and maintained in SAP.

The requirements for implementing this solution into your infrastructure are listed below:-


Note: The Exchange/SAP tools do not have to be installed locally to their native systems, they can be distributed across the network.
  1. A server to host the TaskCentre Server service (core installation) and the Exchange/SAP connector tools. For best practice, TaskCentre and the SQL server hosting the backend store should be on the same server.
  2. One or more SQL servers. Required to host the TaskCentre store (database), the tables for the Exchange agent, and the staging tables required to complete the solution. These can all be on the same SQL server, or spread across multiple servers.
  3. Both the SAP connector/agent tools do not need to be installed locally to the SAP server. The Exchange connector/agent tools do not need to be installed on the Exchange/AD server.


All servers in question must be able to communicate through the following ports (including the standard HTTP/HTTPS/SAP DI/SQL/SMTP ports):-

  • 4222/4223 (TaskCentre engine)
  • 8000 (Exchange agent web service, communicating with Exchange)
  • The following processes must be white listed if necessary:-
    • iwtsksvr.exe
    • iwschdea.exe
    • iwsqlea.exe
    • ExchangeEventagent.exe


  1. We recommend the use of a domain administrator to configure and run TaskCentre. The default user context upon installation is the LocalSystem user principal (TaskCentre runs as a service). This is sufficient for some domains, but others may require custom permissions depending on how they’re configured.
  2. For SQL, the minimum requirements are that the SQL user has permissions to create/modify a database, we recommend assigning the ‘Database Owner’ role upon creation of the database, see:
    Permissions required in SQL Server to create and maintain a TaskCentre SQL store

    For use of the SQL Trigger agent, the following knowledgebase article details what is required:
    Required permissions to create SQL Server triggers, and have the triggers run a TaskCentre task


  1. If you wish to manage multiple users within Exchange through the connector tool, an administrator must have delegated access to manage all users/objects. This user will then be specified in the configuration of the tools upon successful installation.
  2. The Exchange web service must be enabled, and its URL accessible by the server whereby the core TaskCentre installation resides.
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Microsoft Exchange SAP Business One Integration Brochure

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