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Accessing a workflow job from outside an internal LAN

A workflow job can be accessed from outside your internal LAN by using a function within a task.

The function is placed within the Send Email (SMTP) step and converts the hostname to an IP address within the workflow URL that is delivered to a recipient.

Creating the Function

  1. Within the task that generates your workflow job, create a new function from the task browser.TB - New Function
  2. Within the General tab name the function RemapHostName.FunctionName
  3. Select the Parameters tab and create a new parameter call sText. Ensure the option ByVal is ticked.NewParameter
  4. Select the Script tab and enter the script in the format as outlined below.


    For example:

    RemapHostName = Replace(sText,”http://WIN-ABC52HE4ZKI”,”″)


Using the Function

  1. Open the Send Email (SMTP) step and enter the Main tab.
  2. Drag the function from the task browser and into the message field.

    The text will display: {=RemapHostName()}

  3. Between the brackets enter the following: Steps(“Create Workflow”).OutputURL

    For example:

    {=RemapHostName(Steps(“Create Workflow”).OutputURL)}

  4. The email that you send to the recipient could then include the text as follows:

    Click here for internal LAN users:

    {=Steps(“Create Workflow”).OutputURL}

    Click here for external WAN users:

    {=RemapHostName(Steps(“Create Workflow”).OutputURL)}

This completes creating a function to enable an external user access to a workflow job on your internal network.