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Configuring the Web Service Connector Tool to work with a proxy server


Where an organisations internet access is via a HTTP web proxy, TaskCentre must be manually re-configured to force HTTP traffic through the proxy.


  • TaskCentre has to be installed and configured
  • The Web Service Connector Tool has to be installed


  1. Open the file iwtskrun.exe.config (may also be known as iwtskrun.config) in the TaskCentre installation folder.
  2. Locate the end of the runtime section in the file and add your proxy settings as shown in the green frame below:
    Configuration Script(1)
    You need to replace “” string with your proxy server’s IP address and port.

For more information about proxy server related configuration settings please visit:


If you receive “Error Code: 407 Proxy Authentication Required” when you run a task the following solution can be applied:

  1. Add the attribute useDefaultCredentials=”true” to the element defaultProxy under of the iwtskrun.exe.config file.Example:
       <default Proxy useDefaultCredentials="true"> </default Proxy>

The client and the server both need to have these configuration settings applied. Bear in mind that this configuration applies globally to all WebService connections, not just one.