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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration: Bespoke v Navision Integration Tools

Reducing Navision integration headaches

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a complete ERP solution, yet it lacks the ability to quickly and simply integrate with disparate software applications. A lack of connectivity between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and cloud-based or on-premises business software means that business processes and associated data are disjointed, potentially causing errors to ripple through an organisation.

Achieving cost effective and flexible Navision integration can prove to be a headache for many IT professionals. Additionally, recognising a particular knowledge set within your team and identifying micro-processes as they evolve over time can make the headaches worse. So, what are the options available?

Bespoke v specialised Navision integration tools

It is possible to develop integration applications through the use of in-house bespoke development, and as the project grows so do your resource requirements. Any modifications often require the same software development team to make the necessary changes and business requirements constantly change. Can bespoke integration development keep up with the demands of the modern business environment?

Bespoke integration can be:

  • Costly
  • Complex and time-consuming
  • Software may not be able to keep up with forever changing business requirements
  • Compromises may have to be made – can it do everything you want it to and more?

Bespoke integration is gradually being replaced by next generation database integration tools. These drag and drop, point and click tools enable organisations to address project requirements quickly and cost effectively. In short, they remove the reliance on permanent or contract developers to manually produce a bespoke solution.

Specialised Navision integration tools provide:

  • No software coding required – protecting your future upgrade paths
  • Reduces the cost of bespoke development
  • Significantly extends the capabilities of primary applications
  • Flexibility to grow with your business requirements

More than Navision integration

Microsoft Dynamics Navision integration between other systems and applications provides the ability to not only increase the visibility of information but also expose the requirement to automate common manual business processes. Automating repetitive Dynamics NAV processes that are unique to a business enables SMEs to extend any process automation across multiple business systems, departments and inter-company environments.

Significant reductions in operational costs can be seen through the added functionality of business process automation and integration software which freely enables organisations to achieve strategic goals. The BPA Platform provides:

  • Data Integration and Synchronisation (Cloud and on premises) e.g. eCommerce integration, email marketing solution integration, courier service integration, business services
  • Notifications and Alerts (email/SMS) e.g. stock level alerts, credit control notifications, key customer approaching credit limit, contract approaching renewal date
  • Workflow e.g. discount authorisations, purchase order authorisations, business credit limit approval
  • Report and document automation on a scheduled or database event e.g. sales reports, manufacturing reports, cash flow statuses etc.

Point and Click Navision Integration

The reliance on permanent or contract developers to maintain and enhance bespoke software development has been a costly but necessary burden for most organisations. However, the arrival of business process automation software and its drag and drop integration tools has revolutionised the way Dynamics NAV integration projects are undertaken.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Microsoft Gold Development Partner enabling SMEs to quickly and simply reduce the cost of your integration and business process automation projects. By providing drag and drop, point and click Dynamics Navision integration and advanced notifications, workflow and process automation capabilities organisations can improve the visibility of critical information and increase employee productivity. If software application integration is complex – it just got easier.

To find out more information about how Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform for Microsoft Dynamics Navision can transform your business download the Imperial Automotive case study below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Case Study: Imperial Automotive

Case Study: Imperial Automotive

Discover how Imperial Automotive automated 130 processes by synchronising data between Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Spiceworks and its other business systems.

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