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Linnworks Integration with Accounting, CRM or ERP Systems

Linnworks is a powerful product that can manage your entire online sales operation, as well as automate inventory, order and shipping management. It is perfectly positioned to help you view and organise your orders from eBay, Amazon and your web store in one simple screen, and especially useful for managing stock levels.

When the stock level changes for a particular item, Linnworks goes to all the channels and updates the available stock on all the integrated selling venues automatically. Additionally, when you make a sale on one channel this results in a stock level change and Linnworks will update all the venues to indicate that one of the sold items is no longer available.

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Linnworks API Integration

Linnworks is an extremely beneficial system for managing a wide-range of eCommerce activities. However, it requires additional integration tools to interact with dedicated accounting, CRM or ERP systems, which is essential for getting a 360 degree view of business activities and streamlining workflows.

Additionally, it is quite possible that Linnworks isn’t actually the central repository for stock levels, as assumed. If you are using an ERP system to manage your entire business stock, then you will need to export and push this information between the two to make sure all your online channels reflect the correct stock levels.

Managing Purchase Orders (POs) is also key to a business’ success. It is vital that this data is inputted into accounting systems, but it should also be utilised by CRM systems to improve customer service and exploit marketing opportunities. This can be a time-consuming and laborious task.

Linnworks Accounting Integration and Process Automation

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can automate many of these tasks and is capable of extracting information from Linnworks and pushing it into existing systems, and vice versa. This will help make sure data is constantly up-to-date and will remove a wealth of manual processes.

To find out how Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can integrate your business systems, download the brochure or give us a call on +(0)330 99 88 700

Linnworks Integration Brochure

Linnworks Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Linnworks with your other business applications can improve workflow, enhance visibility and exploit new opportunities.

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