Integrating Stripe with Accounting, CRM and ERP Systems

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Stripe is an extremely efficient way to take payments online. Website owners and developers can begin accepting payments online with little more than the addition of a few lines of code. Stripe handles the full stack of payments — from storing cards, to subscriptions, and direct payouts, which is great for PCI compliance.

Stripe will pay money collected from credit cards directly into a house bank account. Although this payment data can be viewed in the dedicated dashboard, it needs to be extracted into your accounting or ERP systems to help you manage your accounts and cash flow. Usually, this is a manual task, whereby you export the CSV files and then upload them to your system.

Additionally, Stripe manages and stores all the customer information, including contact and credit card details, on its own server. Again, this information really needs to be shared with your own systems to enable you to fully manage your customer database and cross-reference payments.

Utilising Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform and Stripe’s API, it is possible to automatically push the data from Stripe into accounting or CRM systems. This process can include all incoming payments as well as providing an indicator as to whether or not the payment was collected, the management of customer details as well as the ability to automatically trigger a notification or alert via your CRM system about certain events.

Download the brochure below to discover how Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform can integrate Stripe with your business systems and automate numerous manual processes or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Stripe Integration Brochure

Stripe Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Stripe with your other business applications can drive company revenues and fully manage the taking, tracking and reconciliation of all your online payments.

Download Brochure
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