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How to Achieve BigCommerce Order Management Automation

BigCommerce Order Management Automation

BigCommerce is an extremely powerful online store which is used by businesses of all sizes in over 150 countries worldwide. Year on year, online shopping sees dramatic growth. According to a recent online retail study from RetailMeNot, UK online retailers will experience a growth of 16.2% in 2015 to hit £52.3bn, when compared to £45bn in 2014.

It’s clear to see that, as an industry, eCommerce is constantly growing in popularity in both B2C and B2B environments. Whilst online stores are looking to increase their market share and focus on their eCommerce platform to reach a larger audience, pressure points can intensify in back-end operations. An efficient online store is only the start of the bigger picture. An increase in sales places added strains on employees and business software – eventually draining resources and reducing growth margins.

The costs of order processing and back-end administration tasks can often go unnoticed. Processing orders from BigCommerce is a repetitive administration process that is prone to errors. Administration errors can include entering inaccurate shipping details and customer information or entering the wrong product code. Duplicate data entry ties up resources that can be utilised in other areas of the business, is costly and can create bottlenecks further down the line.

With repetitive bi-directional data entry prevalent, how can eCommerce professionals reduce order processing costs and improve order management processes?

Adding Efficiency to BigCommerce Order Management

In a previous article we mentioned that 44% of 100 senior managers from 100 top UK retailers would like to have the ability to synchronise orders and customer information between their online store and other business software. The requirement has been identified as a way to reduce order processing costs. With that in mind, here are six common Bigcommerce integration scenarios that can enhance your order management processes.

1. BigCommerce Order Synchronisation into your Accounting or ERP solution

When online order volume increases, so does employee workloads. Initially the sales figures look impressive, however the administration costs of processing the orders rockets and eats into your bottom-line. Having the ability to synchronise orders, by maximising the BigCommerce API and integrating with an accounting or ERP system, reduces order processing costs, eradicates bi-directional data entry and is error free.

2. Reduce BigCommerce Order to Fulfilment Times and Reduce Delivery Costs

Once orders have been manually re-keyed from BigCommerce into an accounting or ERP solution they now have to be placed with a courier service provider. Yet more costly administration. Automatically taking orders from business software, placing them with a courier service for fulfilment and automatically printing labels out for the dispatch team to process significantly reduces order fulfilment costs and saves time processing orders.

3. BigCommerce Inventory Management

Manually monitoring stock levels, creating reports and processing purchase orders for additional stock and keeping your business software up-to-date with correct data can be tiresome, error prone and repetitive. Automating BigCommerce inventory management processes and the dynamic transfer of order status, current stock levels and product descriptions between BigCommerce and business software reduces exposure to financial risk. It ensures that business rules are adhered to 100% of the time. As an added benefit, stock notifications can provide real-time stock level updates via email or SMS to provide you with a fully automated inventory management solution.

4. Automate Extended BigCommerce Order Management Processes

BigCommerce order management extends much further than the synchronisation of orders. For companies selling complex and value-added based products the order management process can extend much further than BigCommerce to an ERP solution. Automatically identifying when a product has been purchased via BigCommerce, processing the order and scheduling additional activities, such as install dates within a CRM system or service management application, removes manual data entry tasks that involve multiple applications and employees.

5. Add Workflow to BigCommerce Order Management

Synchronising orders, transactions and available stock information is normally one of the first tasks of eCommerce integration. Identifying when an order depletes stock levels below agreed thresholds remains a manual process. Adding workflow processes to BigCommerce order management can automatically identify a critical relationship between orders and stock. This provides the added ability to automatically distribute business notifications via email or SMS when inventory levels have been breached, and can trigger purchase order requisitions for approval and processing.

6. Real-Time BigCommerce Drop Shipping

It’s not uncommon for BigCommerce store owners to sell products that they do not physically hold in stock. In this situation, the speed in which an order is passed to a fulfilment partner is crucial. Automating this process ensures that orders are instantly processed within your organisation and dynamically sent to the correct fulfilment partner. In essence, eradicating administration tasks and associated errors.

Overcoming the Challenges of BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce integration can be a daunting project for many online retailers. In fact, the challenge of achieving application integration is a major stumbling block for 67% of UK retailers. However, fully automating BigCommerce order management through data synchronisation and integration isn’t as complex as it sounds. Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform uses drag and drop, point and click integration tools and the BigCommerce API to synchronise data. This enables business software to ‘talk’ to each other and automate practically any business process.

To find out how Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can integrate BigCommerce with your business systems, download the brochure below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

BigCommerce Integration Brochure

BigCommerce Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating BigCommerce with your business software significantly improves order management processes and drives company revenues.

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