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Nottingham Forest Football Club Improves Retail Operations with Codeless Platforms

Nottingham Forest Football Club has successfully integrated its eCommerce and financial systems using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform, as well as automated its order fulfilment processes to improve retail operations, customer service and reduce costs. Over previous years, Nottingham Forest Football Club outsourced all of…

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How Inventory Alerts Improve Inventory Management Control

Improving Inventory Management with Automated Inventory Alerts Effective inventory management control can often be the difference between being able to fulfil an order or not. For the majority of businesses, inventory is a major asset, but if inventory is mismanaged it can create endless…

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The Benefits of Courier Integration with ERP Systems

Courier Integration with ERP Systems Courier integration with an ERP system is a challenge that is faced by many businesses. Order fulfilment is a critical element of an eCommerce process and business operations. It ensures that customers know that their orders will…

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