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Orbis Software Releases Run Sage 50 & 200 Report Tool 1.0

Automatically execute, distribute and print Sage Report Designer created reports containing data from Sage 50 and/or Sage 200 application

Orbis Software, a provider of business process automation solutions, today announced the first release of its Run Sage 50 & 200 Report Tool v1.0. This tool enables TaskCentre to automatically execute, distribute and print Sage Report Designer created reports containing data from Sage 50 and/or Sage 200 applications.

Multiple connections to Sage 50 or Sage 200 can be defined for use with TaskCentre and reports can be executed either directly from a network location, or can be imported locally into the tool. The TaskCentre Run Sage 50 & 200 Report Tool currently supports the following Sage versions:

  • Sage 50 – 2007 to 2015 inclusive
  • Sage 200 – 2010 to 2014 inclusive

The ‘Run Sage 50 & 200 Report’ is a ‘Format’ tool which is used to create a task step that automates the running of reports, developed in Sage Report Designer, from TaskCentre. A Run Sage 50 & 200 Report step can output the report in one of a range of formats which can be consumed by other TaskCentre tools.

The formats available include: XML, PDF, HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV, BMP, and XLSX. The tool is able to consume a recordset and/or task variables. This dynamic data may then be transformed within the step and used as parameters for generating one or many reports. Passing the report to another TaskCentre step allows the report, for example, to be delivered via email, fax or published to form part of web or intranet content. Features include:

  • Connects to your Sage 50 or 200 data source allowing access to data within either of those applications.
  • Enables automated running of Sage 50 & 200 reports that until now have had to be run manually.
  • Sage Report Designer integration -access imported reports via the tool interface where they can be reviewed, edited and if required, exported to file.
  • Map dynamic data to a report as run time parameters to generate multiple reports.



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