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Orbis Software Releases TaskCentre 4.6 Service Release 1a

New features and bug fixes revealed in latest service release

Orbis Software, a provider of business process automation solutions, today announced the release of TaskCentre 4.6 Service Release 1a that includes a number of new features and bug fixes.

Run Microsoft Reporting Services Report Tool The Run Microsoft Reporting Services Report Tool is now integrated into the full product. It was previously available as a separately installed tool pack. Previous installations with the tool pack will be automatically upgraded.

Secure FTP Support in the File Management Tool The File Management Tool has been enhanced to include file transfer functionality in addition to the existing file manipulation features. It is now possible to upload files to and download files from an FTP server using FTP/FTPES/FTPIS/SFTP/HTTP protocols. Please note that the existing File Transfer (FTP) tool remains available for use in TaskCentre and continues to be supported, however it does not offer the same range of functionality now included in the File Management Tool.

Save as File Tool XML and Output Encoding The Save as File Tool has been enhanced to support XML as a direct input source from tools such as the Web Service Connector and Recordset to XML and to save the resulting file(s) with the corresponding encoding type. It is also now possible to save files from document or record set source inputs using one of a range of character sets including UTF-8, UTF-16, the ISO-8859 character encoding range and various Windows code pages.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Support It is now possible to connect to, query, run stored procedures and trigger events using Microsoft’s latest version of the highly successful database server. Clustered configurations for the SQL Server Trigger Agent are also supported on SQL Server 2014 with the same functionality as previous versions of the agent.


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