Codeless Platforms Releases BPA Platform 2018

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New connectors, tools and support included in upgraded and rebranded version of TaskCentre

Codeless Platforms today announced the release of BPA Platform 2018, the first official release of the rebranded TaskCentre, its globally renowned integration and automation software. The release adds new connectors and tools; support for SQL Server 2017, ASP .NET 4.0 websites and Crystal Runtimes v13.0.20, and a range of product enhancements to this already feature rich business automation platform.

Matthew Lidster, Managing Director, Codeless Platforms: “We listen to our customers and partners and are constantly striving to improve BPA Platform; developing new tools, solutions and support so that our customers benefit from the latest innovations and our partners can generate extra revenue. This latest release includes a wealth of new enhancements and significantly sees the rebranding of our software from TaskCentre to BPA Platform.”

The main features of note in BPA Platform 2018 are:

  • New Format as Flat File tool
  • New Applications Platform Connector
  • Support for SQL Server 2017
  • Support for locked-down solutions within the BPA Platform product
  • Tool rename and recategorisation of tools
  • .NET 4.6 minimum requirement for installation
  • Support for SQL Server 2016 and 2017 within the Run Microsoft Reporting Services tool including the ability to output reports as HTML5 and PPTX
  • TLS 1.2 Support in the File Management tool for upload/download of files, plus for Office 365 when using the Send Email (SMTP) tool

The Applications Platform Connector is a new tool in this release. It provides a communication link between BPA Platform and Applications Platform – Codeless Platforms’ rapid application development platform which enables organisations to build apps, system extensions and web portals – enabling users to integrate and automate the flow of data between systems.

The Format as Flat File tool is another new tool in BPA Platform 2018. It takes existing BPA Platform recordsets and converts them to a flat, fully customisable structure for later processing. File outputs can be delimited or fixed width — common or custom delimiters and end of row markers can be used. Files can also contain data for single or multiple record types. Task designers can choose whether to output a single document or multiple ones based on whether the tagged data changes or a new output row is started.

BPA Platform 2018, which now requires Microsoft .NET 4.6 Framework to be installed as a minimum, has been updated to support a range of services including Microsoft SQL Server 2017; pre-packaged BPA Platform solutions (such as Magento/Shopify/WooCommerce/SAP Concur and ERP systems); Crystal Runtimes v13.0.20 and the Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 14.0 package.

There are also several smaller enhancements and usability features contained within the release, as well as various bug fixes.

The new version can be found here, along with the release notes, white paper and updated system dependencies spreadsheet.

Learn how to upgrade to the latest version of BPA Platform by watching this video.

BPA Platform Brochure

BPA Platform Brochure

The Business Process Automation (BPA) Platform enables you to quickly and easily build automated processes unique to your organisation through an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface.

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