Barcode IT

Barcode IT, a leading provider of complete warehouse management solutions, partnered with Codeless Platforms to fulfil its integration requirements for Dexterity WMS. The company seeks innovation to provide the SME market with enterprise level technology to run a warehouse efficiently. Dexterity WMS is a warehouse management system for managing warehouse operations and ensuring efficient logistics. Codeless Platforms was selected due to established relationships and reputation with ERP channel partners, meaning that BPA Platform could be used to integrate a range of ERP systems.


Ascarii, a SAP certified Cloud Hosting Partner, exclusively selected Codeless Platforms to provide integration and automation software for its Cloud4Partners™ service. The innovative service helps SAP VARs and OES partners offer SAP Business One Cloud solutions without the headache of managing the infrastructure that goes with it. Codeless Platforms is providing Ascarii with two new SAP certified products, BPA Cloud and BPA Pro, which enables Ascarii’s Cloud4Partners customers to integrate SAP Business One with other business systems (courier, CRM, eCommerce), as well as automate a wide-range of business processes.

Bespoke 4 Business

Bespoke 4 Business is a successful website design and digital marketing company. It is a one-stop shop offering eCommerce CMS, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and email and social media marketing. Evolving the business to provide integration capabilities with other systems and web services was high on the list of priorities for Bespoke 4 Business. This was achieved by using Codeless Platforms’ flexible platforms and capabilities.


EdenOne is the fastest growing UK partner for SAP Business One. Deciding to offer integration meant EdenOne could offer solutions to its customers that satisfied requirements that were not easily solved within SAP Business One. By bringing Codeless Platforms on board as a partner and adding its BPA Platform to its portfolio, EdenOne could meet the requirement for integration tools for multiple uses and satisfy the needs of EdenOne customers.


Acora is a strategic IT Services Provider that enables dynamic midsize businesses to compete and win in the digital economy. Whilst the primary focus of Acora is outsourcing services, which it delivers through multi-year contracts, it also offers specialist advisory and applications services, either as a value add to existing clients or as a new go-to market offering to new prospects.